Balance Equipment

NeuroCom Balance Family

NeuroCom® balance solutions are known worldwide as leading edge computerized tools for the assessment and rehabilitation of balance and mobility disorders.

ICS Impulse System

ICS Impulse® is a customizable solution. Choose between Video Frenzel, Video Head Impulse with age based normative data..

ICS AirCal

Irrigation with the ICS AirCal provides a modern choice for gold standard caloric irrigation.


ICS Chartr 200 provides you with a complete VNG testing and ENG testing solution based on years of practical experience.


For hearing care professionals who require excellent patient care and an efficient objective assessment process

Natus NavPro AEP VEMP’s

The Bio-logic Navigator Pro AEP is flexible, portable and adaptable, providing results you can trust. Designed by audiologists to grow…

VRT Rehab Starter Kit

Evidence has shown that vestibular rehabilitation can be effective in improving symptoms related to many vestibular disorders.

HUMAC Balance Board System (Static)

The HUMAC Balance System is a static force place that measures center of pressure and force. It represents a breakthrough in the price and the performance…

Physio sensing Balance & Pressure Plate

PhysioSensing is a portable balance and pressure platform with visual biofeedback technology. 
PhysioSensing allows you to evaluate your clinical practice and make it objective and quantified in a clinical report.

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